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Analog Devices Inc.(ADI) Stocks Elliott Wave Technical Analysis

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ADI Elliott Wave Analysis Trading Lounge Daily Chart
Analog Devices Inc., (ADI) Daily Chart
ADI Elliott Wave Technical Analysis
MODE: Impulsive
POSITION: Minute wave {iii}.
DIRECTION: Upside in Minute {iii}.  
DETAILS: Looking for Medium Level at 250$ to be the next strong resistance as we are trading within MG1.  







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ADI Elliott Wave Analysis Trading Lounge 4Hr Chart,
Analog Devices Inc., (ADI) 4Hr Chart
ADI Elliott Wave Technical Analysis
MODE: Impulsive
POSITION: Wave (iii) of {iii}.
DIRECTION: Wave (iii).
DETAILS: Volume suggests the bull trend is in place, looking for continuation higher.
Analog Devices Inc. (ADI) is exhibiting a strong bullish trend according to the latest Elliott Wave analysis. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the current market scenario based on the daily and 4-hour charts.
* ADI Elliott Wave Technical Analysis – Daily Chart*
The daily chart for ADI reveals that the stock is in Minute wave {iii}, part of an impulsive move. The next significant level to watch is the Medium Level at $250, which is expected to provide strong resistance. As ADI trades within MG1, this level becomes a critical point for potential price action. Traders should be aware of this resistance zone and monitor the price behavior closely as it approaches $250.
* ADI Elliott Wave Technical Analysis – 4Hr Chart*
The 4-hour chart complements the daily analysis by highlighting that ADI is in wave (iii) of Minute wave {iii}. The volume analysis suggests that the bullish trend is well-supported, indicating a likely continuation higher. This wave structure confirms the impulsive nature of the current market move, reinforcing the bullish outlook.
Technical Analyst Alessio Barretta
Source : Tradinglounge.com get trial here!
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