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Developing profitable versus useless strategies

Guest oilfxpro

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Guest oilfxpro

The best strategies are set and forget strategies.I set my option trades, place pending take profit orders,than forget about the trade.This eliminates all the trading psychology demons and disadvantages.


click for psychology knowledge


What is the point of wasting your life, on systems that you will never be able to implement on a live account?Most of the 5,000 free systems on forums and internet are free, because they are worthless.This is why they talk about 98 % failing on forums, then they provide 2500 free systems.


Find methods that you can trade that are profitable, that you can actually implement and make money.This is good for brokers and traders, traders make money and also brokers retain clients and make money every year, as opposed to looking for new losers to replace the previous losers.


It is rare to find good trading mentors, coaches and educators. Most have failed at trading and are the blind leading the blind .They do not know enough about trading psychology and the human brain, to be able to advise /teach others how to trade successfully.How can someone who does not have the map to the trading gold ,sell a map of it?




Look at the profitable  strategy , I post in the indices section.

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Guest oilfxpro



If a good trader can earn a simple 30 pips consistently a day from trading , a trader can become a billionaire in 5 years


It is very clear in this thread   , why most traders on forums are not billionaires, it is because they cannot trade and they cannot make money in the long run. The human brain is wired to lose in the markets,this is why they are not billionaires ,psychology is 80  % of trading success.



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Guest oilfxpro

If traders don't understand trading psychology, how can they devise a profitable method that is compatible with the human brain?If a profitable method is not compatible with real time trading execution, the profitable method is useless.They can not implement it to make profit


Here is a great psychology link and post for advanced trading psychology.An understanding of this subject improves the odds of devising profitable strategies that you can implement.




The method posted here includes many psychological edges, like patience, lower stress levels, managing emotions,  avoids fear of loss  or reduces fears, the need to be right , cognitive biases and many other psychological aspects.It takes care of these.




If traders don't understand the mind ,how it works subconsciously in trading , the traders can not have any plans for the 90% risk of under performance due to psychology.It is with the mind where traders lose in trading due to emotions ,stress , need to be right , subconscious emotional executions ,mind traps , automatic mind in trading , beliefs in trading , subconscious errors , brain command center shutdown during trading , brain freezing in trade executions ,the power the thought , negative wiring of human brain and it's performance in trading ,meditation , unreality reading of the real market conditions,cognitive biases in trading decisions , mental traps , benefits of patience and disadvantages of impatient traders , impulsive , self sabotage in trading executions , stress responses , amygdala hijackings ,personality , ego and other psyche characteristics.


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