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Nikkei 225 Daily Bets on daily close - based on how easy it's been to predict close within 2 min. of

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Nikkei 225 Daily Bets on daily close - based on how easy it's been to predict close within 2 min. of open today the market opened up c.192 points and my algorithms tell me the market will close up. Also helps that on days when the market opened up my algorithms made fewer mistakes. Also helps that since Sept. 1 all the eight days that have followed a close above 110 have closed the next day up. Also helps that of the nineteen days out of 57 when the market opened up or down over 110 points since Sept. 1 only once did it not close in the same direction (see my stat postings). Also helps that for the past 17 months the first day of the month has always been an up day for the NIKKEI 225. Enjoy !

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Over ten years work. Decades. It's a continuous work in progress. Everybody knows how dangerous binaries are so even though I got five days right in a row (a whole week) with winning odds between 100% and 500% they would still think I got lucky!!! By the way it was all for fun - I didn't put money on but was just trying to win the monthly competition. That is why it's worth you taking a bit of time to learn on the Demo account and through the Academy it can be just as fun especially now that there is a monthly competition on. You've got to get all the right info you need on your screen in front of you. Obviously not everything that professionals use is covered by IG, but IG do have clients winning over six figures a year so you are in good company when you trade through them.

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Here is a bit more to help you along. If you are are going to start using art not science for price discovery the first thing you got to do is learn to work the machine/market to your advantage. You've got to take precise control of risk, and cut out emotion. You've got to make yourself invisible and beyond reach when you take a decision, and you need an in and out strategy. Think of wargames, and special operations, and imagine the hostile enviroment you are about to enter is a market which takes no prisoners - a zero sum game. Always do your research/homework first that way you'll have the best chance of not getting at best ambushed and at worst wiped out.


Get lots of experience on the Demo account first. You've also got to learn money management, and risk control. Not all wins make money if your not good at money management and risk control. It will also never be good if one loss can wipe you out. Many people will tell you the longer you hold on to your money the more you will learn and hopefully survive. IG can teach - there is the academy and all sorts of goodies and it's all free. People pay hundreds and sometimes thousands just to attend workshops, conferences, and seminars. Enjoy !!!!


Need some fun ideas with Bollinger Bands let me know.

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Good advice. I am good at being detatched emotionally to what is happening to my trades. I can switch off the **** and **** reactions to trades going against me big time. I think iv got it in terms of holding my nerve....but need alot of work in technical analysis and general research and understanding of why the underlying asset behaves the way that it does. Question for you the fancy charts you create, are they via ig charts?

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Maybe you missed reading this last week........... (and yes I am using IG charts)  also has been having some really good conversation teaching people what you talk about and where they can get more information from. I am self taught and believe that I am unique and original therefore I'm no good at same.  


"Re: Santa Rally 2017




Part two in answer to your question @Caseynotes this is how I am using Bolllinger's forget what the books say !!


Using say 20, 3.00 many or most will be using 20, 2.00 to mark out the terrain - this is the first advantage (you can change to whatever suits your research best). You need two significant points nearest the current price/target. One line for peaks, and the other for troughs. Use the upper and lower Bollinger Bands to pick out your points many or most will be using actual prices - this is the second advantage. Then its a simple matter to back check and see what happens when price/target hits or crossess over your trajectories - if 20, 3.00 isn't working well then make adjustments till you think you got an edge (artistic license). Also research the horizontal trajectories created by the peaks and troughs of the Bollinger Bands see what happens when price/target hits or crosses over them.




P.S. The above has nothing to do with my work with algorithms and the Nikkei 225! When the above works or doesn't is up to you! You always need to do your research be able to calculate the risk reward ratio when price/target hits or crosses over your trajectories - some people can do this in their head and by memory others can't."


****** New*******

The third advantage - not every time frame enables you to draw trajectories like I've described. You have to go looking but not get too close for wipe out. That's how I caught the Bitcoin break there was massive force breaking the ceiling on timeframe I homed into. I had to do my research at lightning speed to find out when such massive force had last been used (see my chart with arrows) then see what the outcomes were going forward (all my own original thinking and it worked). Many or most people aren't flexible enough with time frames, and clueless how to navigate them to their advantage.



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I forgot to mention that I use the charts on the old platform - but always hard tracking timeframes, price volatilities, and conducting back checks................. unless of course a machine !!!!

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