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Daily total profit/loss figure


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It would b great if with one click of a button I could see the total profit/loss amount as a financial amount for a defined period instead of a list of all positions.

Eg, total profit for today is £320.


Basically, I think the best way would be to have a total at the bottom of the transactions list, saving me having to add them all up.

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Also consider using a Trading Journal to keep a record of your trades. A excel spreadsheet Journal can calc running totals of risk/reward ratios on entries and exits, overall averages, win/loss strike rates, profit/loss ratios, stratergy used for each trade etc, so you can truly assess your stratergy and/or help find the best stratergy for your type of trading.

There are some free basic ones to download if you google 'trading journal spreadsheet' or buy eg Edgewonk.com. Who knows, even IG might produce one for us oneday, but it will improve your trading and help overcome bad habits.



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It may also be a good idea to have a Total profit and loss figure in points/pips at the bottom in addition to the £ figure, that way I could see how many points I've made/lost for all my currently open positions just like I can see it in £


Profit and Loss in points as well as in pounds 

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