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PRT Feature request - Auto adition of indicators for backtests and auto traded systems

Guest Stef


When backtesting a strategy, or when viewing the performance of an auto traded system, why not have an option to auto add the indicators that are used?


For example, if the strategy makes use of a moving average cross, why not add the moving averages to the price chart automatically?


Without the indicators that are used in the strategy on the chart, it is often times difficult to see why exactly something happened - like the opening or closing of a position. Adding these manually can take quite a bit of time, especially if multiple indicators are used.


Also, and probably more importantly, if you optimize a backtest by adding variables to change indicator values, what will be displayed on the chart and what is used in the backtest will be different - because you would have had to add the indicator to the chart manually. For instance if you add a 15 period moving average to your chart, and then run a backtest to determine if 15 is indeed the best period to use, your backtest will will show results for the best period selected, but your chart will still show the 15 period moving average.


PS: This should be easy enough to implement - all the information is already in the strategy - and can be an option that is toggled on or off.


Does anyone else see value in this?






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Hi Tim,


Here's another one...


In addition to the above, wouldn't it be great if you could click (or doucle-click) on an order in the "Order list" or "closed position list" and for PRT to then auto-scroll to that specific order on the chart? It would make it so much quicker and easier to look at and troubleshoot specific orders that generated huge profits (or losses). Currently, this takes quite a bit of time.


This would apply to backtests as well as auto-traded systems.




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Thanks for the feedback. I can totally understand the point you have made with regards to the ProRealTime backtesting and ProOrder facility. I will be sure to pass on the points you have raised to the team at ProRealTime as I can see the value that having indicators used in a strategy are automatically added to the chart that the strategy is applied to. 


With regards to the second point you have made about optimisation I will ask the team at PRT to play close attention to this as it could very much make a great improvement to the backtesting facility and thus many of the ProRealTime users. 


As always thank you so much for the time and thought you have put into these points and do keep these ideas coming! 

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