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I G academy free advanced education help

Guest oilfxpro

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Guest oilfxpro

One of the best method of getting free education , advanced education and knowledge is to use Google and you tube, this is in addition to I G academy.


First go to academy and pick out technical analysis and price action terms, secondly put them on google search and thirdly go to youtube and look for videos.You don't have to visit any other forum for more knowledge.This way you will pick up information from many different opinions, then make a decision of what is good information and what is useless.






Here are few search words for a start


Japanese Candlesticks

Japanese Candlesticks pdf

Bullish candlesticks video

Bearish candlesticks video

Price action videos youtube

support and resistance

trend lines videos

trend trading videos

technical analysis videos


Profitable traders  want you to be educated for free .The more profitable traders  there are the more income in spreads I G get  , because they remain customers, year after year they give spread income to I G.



I will be posting selective quality videos to enhance your knowledge.


Learn more here:



Understanding Market Direction with Candlesticks


"High Profit Trades found with Candlestick Breakout Patterns" - Stephen Bigalow


Trading 212: How to Read Japanese Candlestick Charts?


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Guest oilfxpro

Some advanced trading knowledge


If traders want to be smart, they will become aware of the following information


THE BEST FORUM THREADS on elite trader and trade2win

Professional level information for traders




Entertainment but hidden gems of information links.I mainly day trade, but I am highly experienced and knowledgeable.Technical analysis, price action and trends combined  can give a 40 %  plus success rate in picking trades.It is important to know why they fail , when they fail, it will make trader aware and conscious, that any set up can fail, they should be ready for it.


Trader's minds are not in reality with markets, what they see on charts is not reality.Here is another thread worth

reading the article:


Your Brain Wasn't Built to Handle Reality




What Happens When You Try to Time the Market?

The same market timing handicap is applied to trading, otherwise every trader would make money.




Pullback trading: How to trade pullbacks like a pro


Breakout trading: How to trade breakouts like a PRO


    How To Trade Breakouts





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