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K I S S Keep your trading so simple = profitable

Guest oilfxpro

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Guest oilfxpro

KISS is an acronym for “Keep it simplestupid




Buy low with options sell high , trading is very simple.If you keep it very simple with channels, trend lines and support and resistance, this is all that is required by traders to be profitable.One more skill is the patience to wait for the bottoms.


Keep your technical systems simple. Complicated systems breed confusion; simplicity breeds elegance.Look at this chart buy low sell high makes money.Our brains are not designed to process complex analysis.




 At the most basic level, people must trade by processing information. Unfortunately, we're not very efficient information processors. We have a lot of biases that enter into trading decisions. I've documented 25 of them in my home study program. However, I think most of those biases can be summarized by realizing that trading/investing are very simple processes and we human beings try to make it into something much more complex. Those biases are all about adding complexity to the world.






Keep your technical systems simple. Complicated systems breed confusion; simplicity breeds elegance.

ftse price action 2.jpga


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Added below :Use professional price action reading methods, simple technical analysis   and fundamental drivers (these move prices).




Example of a simple trade set up in this thread.






Greatest currency trades using options









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Guest oilfxpro

A simple technical method makes money.See the two charts.K I S S makes money, the complex technical trader does not.Warren Buffet  makes money.


buy the dip.jpgcasey;s analysis.jpg

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Guest oilfxpro

Avoid complex  technical analysis , complex price action  and complex trend  analysis like this.Profitable trading is simple , trading is very easy, it is us humans make it complex .


In the image below , trend traders  would short the the instrument and lose money


casey;s analysis.jpg



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Guest oilfxpro

I keep my trading simple, I put my money on it.If I lose on a few trades, it does not matter, but over a series of trades I make money.


buy the dip live example option spread.jpgbuy the dip live example.jpg





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Guest oilfxpro

Trend follower 


This is advanced trading , something you can learn from.Which charts are you talking about?


In order to trade indices, one has to look at all the other related indices ,this is why there are only multiple charts .There is no price action  but simple t/a  i.e trend lines channel, supports. Nasdaq price action sometimes gives advance  hints on future Dow price action.This is why it looks complicated.


Here is what each individual chart looks like.



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