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Guest oilfxpro

Buy straddle  every morning on open at 8.00  for 90 pips premium

let it expire  at 4.30 p m


after 4 losses  increase size to quadruple position size , until equity gans new high , after which  revert to orignal lot size


Here  are results  on charts  after quadrupling size , there is nothing wrong with the option pricing ,this is  a strategy   which plays around black scholes model



strategy still in development , so don't use it without testing and sufficient  back tests over 2 years


set and forget strategies eliminate  phsychological handicaps of the human brain ,this strategy is designed to eliminate phsyche issues , technical anylysis  and  failure of t/a strategies









version 2 and optimisation coming soon

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Guest oilfxpro

The daily strategies are not as profitable   , as the weekly strategies , due to the time element  for trades to materialise  , within the option expiry time .The weeklies let you get into profit , and give you enough time


The cost of daily straddle  optionsis 90   , weekly 200    , so daily is   5  *90 = 450


so  5 times as much works   for less reward

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