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Guest LisaB


Guest LisaB

Does anyone know how I can have two separate alerts on the same chart ? Each time I try and add the second alert it adds it as a second condition of the one I've already got !

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Guest LisaB

Think I've just answered my own question.... you have to be careful to click on the Alert button in the main toolbar and then exactly on the indicator you want to use....

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    • Tbh your content is quite informative and i must add here that we should also monitor the growth of the ton ecosystem cos Notcoin may not be the last just as we tought Tonfish would be the last. I wasn't able to catch up with fish but Notcoin is already in the bag and more incoming via the ongoing candybomb on Bitget.
    • Sometime one way to avoid touching one's PF is to participate in these kind of event to earn some passive income and perharps use some the proceeds to invest more. I am not quite friendly with bot but will refer it to friend with a trading community where i also get signals. I will appreciate you also share the link to the announcement for more details
    • Despite the fact that i have my reservation on some meme coin; i feel attention could tilting towards BNB chain meme coins. HODL was bullish yesterday upon launch and i may also look into CATA for some market analysis and possible entry cos missing out on most of the Solana chain meme can not repeat itself again haha.
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