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Automated technical analysis signals generator

Guest EA-trader

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Guest EA-trader

This indicator gives buy and sell signal.What do you fink?Is there  any better software out there to give quality signals, for real traders?.Please advise which auto signal generator provides good trading ideas.


I want to discuss forum gurus!  Dis software does automated  technical analysis and prints arrows, it was given to me by my grandmother to suck eggs.


automated technical anylysis signal provider.jpg

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Guest EA-trader

There are 333  indicators in my collection, indicators provide signals, they provide useful conformations .Some of my advanced custom indicators provide trading signals, these signals are given to automated traders software.The automated trader software EAS execute the signals.


Here is an example of price action signals indicator , it reads price action and gives a signal.This type of indicator anylysis is very useful




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Guest EA-trader

That is not enough, the more indicators are provided, the more confused the small fish become, the more confused the small fish . the more money the sharks make.


The more analysis paralysis indicators and tools , the bigger the buckets of fish meat for the sharks.


The more confused they are , the more education on trading courses we buy.:smileylol:

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Guest EA-trader

Now that you are confused  it easier for my robots to take your money.That is why I am willing to give away the the 323 indicators , for free to all small fish.


It makes it easier for my robots to clean the markets.

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Actually, to be a bit philosophical, the most uncertain you can be is 50-50.  Pure randomness.  I can give you that with a single coin, heads or tails.  333 v 1.  

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Guest EA-trader

Heads you win. .tails you win, the anylysis from indicators is in hindsight.y the time you get the indicator anylysis. , it is too late to profit.

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I agree 100% - yet you've done yourself out of business.  Might want to edit that post... or keep it on the DL.  

Makes me wonder if you know more than your whacky posts sometimes suggest. :smileywink:

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Guest EA-trader

The idea is to make the small fish believe ,they are clever, they keep doing the same thing over and over again.Once they believe they are right , you lead them to the shark tank.


As long you you can't see the benefits of indicators, this is what the Sharks want you to believe, playing in shark infested waters is easy.

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Guest EA-trader

here indicators are telling you to buy , after doing automated analysis..


My grandmother always  said "never teach me how to suck eggs, keep your little knowledge to yourself!".Here is a set of indicators son.


ea  zero.jpg

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Guest PandaFace

So you say “Heads you win. .tails you win, the anylysis from indicators is in hindsight.y the time you get the indicator anylysis. , it is too late to profit.” But then you push EA’s ....


Someone tell me what I’m missing here

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Guest EA-trader

Some  people don't jack about using the free analysis ,on indicators etc already available on platforms, but they would like new analysis tools, so maybe they need to learn how to read charts first, before they get new tools.






new inventions.jpg

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