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EAS robots to test probabilities and eliminate charlatan trading education

Guest EA-trader

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Guest EA-trader

I make Eas to test out charlatan signals ,opinions, fake gurus, fake signal providers  and price action education scam artists.These eas tell me the truth.If a trader can eliminate fake gurus. analysis  and fake education, they can progress to becoming profitable.




Here is logic of ea,to test  price action,  to cut out the charlatan price action gurus, selling price action education to naive traders.


Backtestable ea to test candle formations


EA will open trades at hourly bar close

hourly bar :10:00 //candle signal hourly bar = close of 10:00 bar.............see alternate signals for ea design

stop loss 200 take profit 100

input string CloseTime="20:00";//trade closed everyday at 20:00, if  time is 00:00  trade will close on friday at 19:00

extern int StopLoss=100;

extern int TakeProfit=100;

input string StartTime1="10:00"; if start time is 00:00 it will test all hourly candles

input tipp TypeOfTrade=Buy;//tests buy .........................if sell it will test sells

candle time frame : H1/M30 /H4/DAILY //  H0  WILL TEST COMBINATION OF CANDLES


All fake gurus providing fake forum analysis, fake opinions and fake signals.



alternate candle formations will be changed in ea :there are hundreds of other formations I  use,i have them ready in following formats

if(iClose(NULL,PERIOD_H1,1)<iOpen(NULL,PERIOD_H1,1))// if alternative candle formations are input ea will test them



only purpose of ea is to back test  candle formations  probabilities

It is to be used only for back testing candles, if it can't back test ,it is useless to me.  mql4 source codes required




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Guest EA-trader

This EA tested charlatan price action education guru preaching, the results were terrible.The fake guru sells education from internet sites.It is obvious he makes money from selling,not telling and not trading, like a snake oil salesman.



intraday scalping eur usd.jpg




intraday scalping dax.jpg


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Guest PandaFace

Can you rephrase that? I don’t know what you’re talking about at all... I don’t think “This EA tested charlatan price action education guru preaching, the results were terrible” is a sentence mate.

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Guest EA-trader

Some guru selling seminars on price action, was saying if you use following price action candles, they are a good set up to make pips.So i coded them into an EA, the  ea did back tests on several instruments, the results were losses.


I can take any signal or price action set up, code it into my EA (to test price action candles formations of any combination r signals), to verify the opinion of guru is of any value.

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Guest EA-trader

The Ea cost me $50 to have made on mql4 freelance, it saves a lot of money verifying the opinions of price action intraday gurus, it could save thousands and lead a trader on the right path.

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