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Profitable eas expert advisors for automated trading/automated spread betting.

Guest EA-trader

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Guest EA-trader



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After many years of EA development, I have finally developed profitable Expert advisors.I use them for my trading.

This is my first ea to go on a live account .It will trade automatically for life, doing everything automatically.It  has a lot of safety features  and complex algo  for risk management.These trade the US 30 and Dax , they can trade every instrument.It also has unique money management to recover losses. 


You can putt settings on this EA  to do everything  like "buy the dips"  and sell the highs  etc .I will use about 10 versions of this program.These should earn about 100% a year. 


Something like this cost me $2,000 to  code and test, it took 3 months to code and test.   The testing time is about 3 months plus the cost of testers, the logic is priceless.It is the equivalent of employing a person to monitor the markets and trade.People time can cost $20,000 to 100,000 a year to trade for you.The automated program does it for you. 


I have 3 types of programs for automated trading.I will be setting up the other two versions in next few weeks.Alltogether

I have 50 robots/eas programs to spreadbet tax free.



The difficult journey making profitable EAS



  Why do most trading robots (EAS) fail?



This is the ultimate financial freedom.I am now working on the following


Where can I buy ATM EA making 80% a week ?




If Goldman Sachs was to buy it and  invest £5bn, the expert advisor would be worth a billion or two, if it made 100% a year.



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