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ProRealtime Feature Request - Width and Style



When creating your own indicators, it would be great to be able to specify the Width, and Style in addition to the Colour for each returned variable/value.


I appreciate that you can set these afterwards, by changing them in the Indicator's settings page, and then choosing "set as default configuration for this indicator" so that you do not have to redo this every time you use the indicator, but...


If your indicators return a lot of variables/values and you often create new indicators by duplicating existing ones, it takes quite some time to set all of these up to be similar to the original - a lot of time unnecessarily wasted.


Also, why have the option to set the colour when you return a variable/value, but not the width, or the style? Does not make sense...



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Hey Stef,


ProRealTime have confirmed that they are going to implement your feature request in the next version of the charts. I haven't got a timeframe for this, but it's definitely now on their roadmap.


Hope that's some welcome news!



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