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Buy/Sell Macro

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Hi All,

Very new here, hopefully the below makes sense? (unsure if even a possibility as yet)

Wrapping my head around the trading platform and obviously "paper" trading in the demo account, one thing so far I cannot workout though is how to macro a buy/sell order and a stop limit?

Say I want to buy at (random numbers here) at $100.50, so I only want to buy if it trades opens above $100.50 and only wan't to pay up to $100.70 limit (to get quantity filled) for x number of stock, so if it gaps open the next day or quickly at the start of the market I am in before it jumps and I've negated even small amounts between the time/profit margin lost by typing this out, is there a macro or ability to click in values from the platform? And similarly with the selling for price and or x quantity?

Happy to manually enter quantity values (if thats the only way) but rather/ (or set 10/50/90% etc) for the buy and sell orders like a shift+1 (10% buy at x price (hover over fill price at moment) and shift+2 (sell 10% at x price)?

I did try and search for other posts relating but didn't find to much (happy to be linked to self learn)

Appreciate any advice.



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