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Calculating commissions, exchange fees etc



Hi all,


I need help with calculating not just my total portfolio worth but also all fees.

I  have played around with IG statements, history, transactions and created a full spreadsheet but not sure how I can get the right figures I am after

A scenario (ISA)

Current total invested in 2019 £1000

in 2018 if I had invested £1000  that would bring it to £2000 Jan 2019 but then I have taken out £1000 out


Total today £1000

Profit £100 up


However, if I made £100 worth of fees (custody, commission or exchange rate commission etc)

Then in reality, if I look at my overall performance over 2 years as total £2000 invested, with £100 profit and £100 fees so I have canceled out at 0.


Sorry for the complicated or oversimplified explanation. I am trying to view the "you are 100 up" as you are 100 up but paid out 100 in fees so your true performance is 0 as it stands.





Is this possible and easy to do?

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