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Can Debenhams be sued as it has 'stolen' from its shareholders

Guest Samshare

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Guest Samshare

Debenhams has not looked after the interests of its shareholders. It has basically stolen shareholders money to pay of some of its debt and in this way it has deliberately destroyed it's shareholders and kept itself alive. How selfish is that? The directors need putting in jail. Debenhams directors have no business ethics and what they have done is wrong and immoral. 

I want to sue Debenhams as it has not acted in the best interest of its shareholders. The shareholders were the life line of Debenhams and yet Debenhams went against its shareholders.

If any shareholders out there have been affected by Debenhams then please let me know and together we will take legal action against Debenhams for fraud. 

Debenhams could have paid a lot of its debt buy selling of its dutch company....but no, Debenhams seek to destroy us shareholders. 

We will seek revenge and sue Debenhans and get our shares back.


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