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Hello all,

Im just curious to know does anybody trade a robot on MT4 called the Finch?  It's a robot by Rob Booker and I'm wondering whether to go ahead and trade it, also can you trade it om IG's MT4 platform?



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Mt4 is just the front end user interface to plug into the dealing side of IG so assume anything you can run on MT4 can run on the IG mt4 

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    • Hi, I finally managed to take up the allotted offer shares available to me; however, now that I can see them in my listed trading positions I cannot sell them if I wanted to. Again, IG seem to be well behind other trading platforms for making these available to deal. My friends have trading accounts in 3 other different platforms and all have them available to deal. Reading from the forums some people had them to deal the next day after the offer was made (7th July). How can this be right? I have watched  the share price drop from 142 to 127 whilst some people could sell the offer shares at 142. If the price had completely dropped on the 8th July I would have lost a fortune. I contacted IG who came back with a one sentence response stating they will be available on Monday (today) at the earliest. Not very reassuring. Why are they the last trading platform to make these available? Not good enough. 
    • It seems that when we are doing well with currencies the splits become huge and it makes it harder to make money , why would you do that ?  also I have noticed a pattern , when my account is around the 16k mark all of a sudden huge losses come and It takes weeks to recover ,  is there something going on ? or is it just  coincidence ?
    • It seems IG doesn't have list of funds / trusts to regularly invest in so that puts me off from from moving my investments into this platform 😒 even though it is cost effective platform as compared to most. Hope it would expand beyond Shares and ETFs in future.