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I am new to trading and placed a buy order on the Dow Jones (or Wall Street) with a stop in place approx 200 points below my buy and a limit approx 70 points above my buy. 

The trading closed at 9pm UK time but the position is currently locked in and I can't close it out. 


I'd like to know:

1. What time and day in the UK does "Wall Street" open for trading on the IG platform? I have noticed that despite the fact that the Dow is open 2.30pm - 9pm UK time it is available to trade 24 hours per day Mon-Fri on the IG platform. So, is the Dow/Wall Strret available to trade on IG earlier than 2.30pm on Monday? 


2. If the market opens and my stop is higher than the opening price, will I lose the additional amount on deposit below my stop? 


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US indices are open from 11pm Sunday right through to 10pm Friday (not taking into account US holidays)

Daily trading times are UK 2.30pm to 9pm (US 9.30am to 4pm)

You will see the spread being wider at different times depending on activity, so for example when there’s little activity after active trading times the spread is as wide as 9.8 points, more often it’s around 3.8. When the UK stock exchange opens at 8am, the spread on the US indices is 2.4. When NYSE opens at 2.30pm UK time the spread is 1.6 points.

If the opening price is below your stop level on a buy/long you will be stopped out.

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Many thanks for the prompt response ha05320, it is greatly appreciated. 

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