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ProRealTime does not show correct price.



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The Pro Real Time platform does not use auction prices , however I will pass on your feedback to the Pro Real Time team to consider having this implemented in the future as this could benefit other clients stategies. 


Thanks for getting in contact 

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Hi. I also see this as an issue. Because the real (after auction) close prices are not used, all % change values on all screens/charts are also incorrect. As an example, I am currently looking at the price for BIL. All my trading platforms show that the price is up 1.63%, but PRT shows this as 1.41% - because it uses yesterday's close price before the auction, for the calculation. Showing that the % change is 1.41% is simply incorrect. I have raised this issue a loooooooooong time ago. So, I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you.


While we are on PRT, here is another one for you - not sure if you've noticed...


All the timestamps for all the trades in the tick-by-tick list are incorrect - out by etiher one or two hours, depending on daylight savings. It always shows the London/UK time - and there is nowhere where you can set/change this. This is a huge oversight in my opinion, and also detracts from the product.



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    • The one thing with the markets is although you can predict WHEN, you can't predict with consistent accuracy the PRICE LEVEL they will rise or fall to As is proven in the post above WELL before the time and INADVANCE  I'll do a more complete and fuller review following the next TC date of 4th June 2021 Reaction to the 4th June Date? This TC (Please note TC's of the SAME colour are linked - Different coloured TC's are well as the name suggests - different TC and different degrees) in the past has been very hit and miss, it should cause a reaction but how much and to what degree I can't say The chart below is of the Nasdaq100 Index So far the TC's have a 100% hit rate  - I don't want to publish next years chart before 4th June TC has been and gone, as it will mess up the sequence of the thread - to prove that there is no fudging the dates - the 1 and only TC for 2022 is due on and around 4th April (you can compare the dates shown when I publish that chart after June this year to prove no foul play) Kudos to WD GANN and BFC for their works on Time and Time Cycles Disclaimer - Trade at your own risk and only if you understand a method 100% - THT will not be held responsible  for anyone's losses other than his own - posts for information purposes only
    • The PSY OPS looks like being ratcheted up a gear as the clowns prep to hit you with the impossible 'ZERO COVID' goal as the next instalment to keep this sh!tshow on the road. Remember scientists are just as easily bought off as politicians these days. Leaked emails from Zero-Covid advocacy group ISAG.  
    • most people are fully aware that the system is against them any greed motivated bussiness has only its own self interest in mind .... they get away with it because no one stands up to them .... the appropriate channels are all biased to the money maker ,,,, there is now another route for ya plain old guy on the street,,,, social media is a powerfull tool ...... the fca and all the other **** pot organisations only pull there pants down for big companies ...ig cant do what they like when they like that bad bussiness 
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