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CAD/JPY - Trading plan

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I've been looking at the CAD/JPY pair for a few days now and after a strong uptrend the pair has entered in a state of correction for a few days on the H4 time frame, forming lower highs. Yesterday we saw a break of the H4 downtrend line and today the pair went out of an M30 consolidation it has formed. A quick pullback was observed shortly after, but the pair failed to re-enter back in that consolidation area and is now moving up. My opinion is that by the middle of next week or the end we can easily reach the next strong daily resistance area between 83.26 to 83.37.

Those of you who are interested in the pair drop a comment :) 

Also if you have questions regarding the plan don't hesitate to ask :)



Screen Shot 2019-07-05 at 17.12.46.png

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    • yes the twitter poster did mention the 1 month lag but what is the point of you posting a link to an article on the total deaths for 2020 dated in October hahaha.   as you can see the 2020 data is in line with previous years and that's the point. A pandemic should be causing far in excess of normal deaths and in Spain, as in more and more countries as the data comes in, it definitely has not. Not sure why you keep embarrassing yourself maintaining the farce when long since the data has proved  your beloved lockdowns to be not only useless but actually damaging. If only everyone had had their pay stopped for every lockdown then there would have been none at all (just like Sweden).   .
    • Article from EFE agency proving this report wrong.  https://www.efe.com/efe/espana/efeverifica/el-numero-de-muertos-en-espana-2020-no-es-menor-al-anos-anteriores/50001435-4381326
    • As homework try to translate the first sentence right below the table. This is a picture that has been moving around since the beginning of this month. It is fish bait for the right-wing fellows in Spain, they love this kind of fake reports.  It is interesting that you are now posting it as well, very interesting.
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