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Problem with EA results are very different in IG MT4 to my old broker, how do I adjust?

Guest searl75


Guest searl75
Hi IG,
I am your new customer just trying to get things set up with your MT4 systems but I am having problems.
I andf my developer have spent countless hours/days trying to transfer my EAs from old broker to your IG MT4.
Can you please explain the rules I need to program into my EAs to get the rsults I used to get, your measuring or something is different?  When I program 5% risk on a 10k account it used to work ok losing 100£ on first loss, but with you I am losing only £13. Obviously the losses also affect the profits and need to make sense but this doesnt make any sense to me, please call me on +381 66 961 8699 (as I am overseas at the moment) or email reply to explain so I can resolve urgently? 
Below is the result from my old broker with same EA and exact same settings and your IG Mt4 demo account... but giving very different results? (I understand the brokers data varies slightly but not 1000% as are my results differing)
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