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Guest Deb123

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Hi all,

I have done a bank transfer to my account and also sent the proof of deposit but for some reason got an email stating that my account can not be credited and no reason was given. Tried to call the hotline but no one picks up. 

Does anyone have similar experience??


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Guest Siaolame

There was a huge system outrage, hence they stop withdrawing and adding of funds. Helpdesk hotline is jammed so no point trying. I have been trying to call them for 6 hrs. Still no1 answered. 

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Guest Siaolame

The outrage happened 10hrs ago. It got back up only like 6 to 7 hrs ago. However there is alot of incorrect trades/positions where the trades do not matched. I guess alot of people is still calling in to fix the problem.

You can look at the thread of ig status. It will show you when the outrage was by reading the post.

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