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Prorealtime - where does a trade start and end?


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Hi All,


This is another feature request.


With PRT backtesting (and auto-trading), it is most often quite difficult to see where a trade starts and ends - especially if there are a lot of trades, and/or long and short positions.


A simple solution would be to connect the start and end of each trade with a dotted line. Different colours could be used to differentiate between longs and shorts (like red and blue). There could also be an option to turn this functionality on or off.


Below is an example of what I mean (the area within the rectangle is how it is displayed currently, while the rest of the chart is with the added lines). For me, it is a lot quicker and easier to follow the trades with the added lines.



Would appreciate some comments/feedback.




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As an aside, the current placement of the arrows and crosses doesn't help much, as they visually gives you the wrong idea of where the trades were entered or exited - and you cannot see the little exit and entry triangles without displaying the arrows and crosses.




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Thanks for sharing your idea. I can see the point you are making as strategies that are frequently entering the market could make it difficult to see the lifespan of the trade. 


I have passed on the point you have made to ProRealTime as having backtests that are easier to interpret could make for better optimisation and/or for quicker build times. 


Thanks again! 

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