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Exposure to Swiss Market

Guest igtrader1990

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Guest igtrader1990

Hi All


I'm using IG for my ISA. I'm trying to find an ETF or other way to invest in the Swiss market (SMI, SPI) but I can't find anything to invest in. One came up but the ISA tax wrapper is not enabled on that one ETF. (iShares MSCI Switzerland ETF, EWL).

Does anyone have suggestions of how I can do that?




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Guest Figgsey

Hi Semir,

You may wish to look at:

UBS ETF MSCI Switzerland 20/35 A Hedged GBP Dis
UBS ETF MSCI Switzerland 20/35 A Hedged GBP


The benefit I understand is that they are hedged against GBP. One problem I have with most UK LSE traded ETFs of countries such as the US is that they are no longer profitable due to currency i.e USD.





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