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MT4 IG-LIVE account lagging behind real life



Today suddenly my MT4 charts got behind the real numbers it should be. I am estimating it's about 30 minutes later.
Also I cannot place any orders because of that. Someone else experience the same issue?

When I switch to a Demo account, all seems perfectly fine there.


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I have just spoken to technical. As I very rarely trade on the web terminal, I thought I would give it a go. I had a short in the EURUSD and was amazed to see two different prices and 5min chart representations. My trade was present on both so it is not like it was another instrument. Technical were nigh on useless, and just told me to restart the terminal, which I found odd as they were both updating. I would understand if they were slightly out of sync for a second or two but this was very odd and no explanation could be given

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