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Hi all.

Using a demo account with MT4 and been backtesting for a while.
had pretty good success but just lately I've had problems putting trades on.
Many come back unsuccesful stating re-quotes.
I thought IG didn't do re-quotes.
Is there a problem or has something changed?
Also having no success on the helpline.
Sometimes waiting for 30 minutes with no answer and just having to give up.


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Guest Aaron

Having the exact same issue constant **** requotes

Was able to pratice trades up until the begining of the week

Not sure if this is due to the demo server or is perhaps the same for live accounts

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I thought I am the only one having this problem. I am trading a live account and I've had this issue for quite some time now. It is EXTREMELY annoying. Sometimes I have to accept the requote for 30, 40, 50 times until the trade is finally opened. By the time the trade is opened, price has often moved significantly which means lost pips. Even worse is that the same issue occurs when closing a trade. Today I had a trade and was already three digits in profit. When I wanted to close the trade IG would not let me. I pushed the close button again and again and got approximately 10 requote or similar error messages. When IG finally allowed me to close the trade, I was back to a single digit profit. I feel conned, extremely annoyed and disappointed. 

When I contacted IG customer service a week ago, they said that they were having technical difficulties. This was on March 14 2020.  Now it is March 23 and I am still having issues. Disappointing. 

I do have another live account with a different broker and have never had any issues like that with them. They let me open and close my trades whenever I want without any incidents.

On a different note, I also noticed that price and price movement shown on my IG MT4 CFD account  sometimes significantly deviates from other sources such like tradingview.com. I have no clue why that is but hope to find out soon. 

If anyone has an idea on this topic, this would be highly appreciated.     

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    • Thanks for the input,  The issue is being resolved.  IG took a position Twice.  Remedy is imminent.
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