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MT4 Demo Bug



Has anyone got any explanation on the bug on MT4 demo chart?

There is a very long wick on JPY pairs and making the chart not readable.

I don't have a live account with IG but I think it is OK on live account as shown in market data.
Other platform such as Oanda also seems good.

I think this is a bug.

I am doing backtesting and evaluating the platform at the same time. This kind of thing really throw me off.



USDJPY Market Data.PNG

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Yes - this only occurs on IG MT4 charting.

I have other broker's demo MT4 accounts which have nothing like this data spike on ***JPY pairs.

Can IG please clan up this dirty data so my ***JPY pairs become functional again for charting purposes.


Glad I wasn't short any of these in live trading :)


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got the same thing happening on my demo account.

if you scroll left or zoom in so the spike is outside your viewing region, the chart fixes itself. 

can someone from IG please sort this out.

thanks, S 

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Guest Stutone

I have the same issue...I see it has be running for some time and does not bode well for IG Demo.  This is the most important part of building my strategy and to not be able to backtest /JPY is unacceptable to me.

It would be nice if an IG technician could chime in here and tell us what the issue is and if it is going to get resolved or if there is something we can do to resolve it besides using a more reliable broker.

To me it smacks of an unstable platform and poor customer support...2 things I regard as deal breakers going forward.

Thought IG???

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