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Massive dead cat bounce wall street hedge fund manipulation on a massive scale

Guest Robert66

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Guest Robert66

Wow.. well I didnt see that one coming and tried to sell into Wall street all day until I realised it was a massive dead cat squeeze caused by Trumps hedge fund cronies!! 

So Donald Trump, VP Mike Pence had a conference call after mondays sharp declines with Mike Sprecher who owns Intercontinental Exchange (i.e the NYSE!!)  and a bunch of the owners of some of the biggest hedge funds in the world and suddenly the market is up over 11% in one session despite no senate bill being passed on the stimulus package and the US potentially becoming the epicentre of this deadly Covid 19 virus ...mmm 

Add to that the fact that Sprecher and his wife a US senator are being questioned about the fact they sold millions of USD worth of stock after a jan 24 private briefing to senators by trump adminsitration officials about coronavirus and also the intellignce committe chairman and other senators dumped 10 million of shares after the briefing too!!

I thought Id seen market manipulation before but this is epic and a dead cat bounce of bengal proportions!! 

Stops have all being taken out now in this massive short squeeze so Im keeping my powder dry for the massive tip off the edge of the cliff which is coming.. buyer beware its going to be UGLY 

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