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Why did my stop loss disappear?

Guest Genevieve

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Guest Genevieve

Grateful if someone could please explain this to me:

I opened positions on Carnival shares on Friday afternoon (+0.5 and -0.5) and left them open over the weekend. I predicted there'd be a reasonable movement this morning, but wanted to hedge my bets so set a stop loss of 25pts in both directions, anticipating I'd be in profit one way or the other.

The market closed at 611p and I was charged interest over the weekend. When the market opened at 8am, the market wasn't available to trade for the first 5mins. During this time, my profit/loss went from -£1.80 to +£86. However once the market became available to trade at 8:05, that figure changed to -£2.90 and I saw my stop losses had disappeared, as well as my profit.

I don't understand why this happened - and why I my positions were changed when I had paid to keep them open in the way I'd left them on Friday. Can someone explain this please?


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