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"Market no longer available" but I have already bought shares.



I bought shares in a pharma company little while ago and they plummeted.


I kept the shares expecting them to rise and they have, but now when I look to sell, IG tells me that "the market is no longer available online"

Can anyone give any reason or advice with this? I don't care so much about the money, there's an element of ocd admin as it's still sitting in my trades list as an option but I can't do anything to remove it. 

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Did you managed to resolved this? I have the same issue, I can buy but when it is time to sell can't sell saying market is not available and when I am trying to sell it off hours it's saying short selling is not allowed even though I am not doing any short selling just selling my bought up shares. Also my stop orders did not execute, very frustrating,

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