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    • Hi, I've been holding onto the old platform as long as I could, because I really don't like the new one,  but now it's being decommissioned I'm trying to use the new one finally. ☹️  On the old platform I had a choice of WTI either as a 1 euro or a £1 contract, and the same for Gold. But when I search on the new platform all I get is the  £1 contract as well as an absolute ton of ETFs. It doesn't even say it's the £1 version, it just calls itself "spot gold" which is a bit confusing because it looks as though you might be buying a full lot, not just a mini contract. Can anyone tell me how to find the 1 euro contracts, or are they just not available on the new platform? Many thanks, Cate 
    • JPM Elliott Wave Analysis Trading Lounge Daily Chart, 22 February 24 JP Morgan Chase & Co., (JPM) Daily Chart JPM  Elliott Wave Technical Analysis FUNCTION: Trend   MODE: Impulsive STRUCTURE: Motive POSITION: Minor wave 3 of (3).   DIRECTION: Upside in wave {iii} of 3.   DETAILS: After a series of ones and twos around Medium Level 150, we are looking for continuation higher within wave 3 as we seem to be moving higher, with increasing volume, but a concerning RSI bearish divergence. Technical Analyst : Alessio Barretta           JPM Elliott Wave Analysis Trading Lounge 4Hr Chart, 22 February 24 JP Morgan Chase & Co., (JPM) 4Hr Chart JPM Elliott Wave Technical Analysis FUNCTION: Trend MODE: Impulsive STRUCTURE: Motive POSITION: Wave (iii) of {iii}. DIRECTION: Upside into wave {iii}. DETAILS: Looking for acceleration higher into wave (iii) of {iii} as if the count is correct, we should accelerate higher aggressively and a break south of 172$ would invalidate the count.         Welcome to our JPM Elliott Wave Analysis Trading Lounge, your premier destination for comprehensive insights into JP Morgan Chase & Co. (JPM) using Elliott Wave Technical Analysis. As of the Daily Chart on 22nd February 2024, we explore significant trends shaping the market. *JPM Elliott Wave Technical Analysis – Daily Chart* In terms of wave dynamics, we observe a dominant impulse function with a motive structure. The current position is in Minor wave 3 of (3), indicating upside momentum in wave {iii} of 3. Despite a series of consolidations around Medium Level $150, we anticipate further upside continuation within wave 3. Although we observe increasing volume, a bearish divergence in the RSI warrants attention. *JPM Elliott Wave Technical Analysis – 4Hr Chart* Here, the wave function maintains its impulsive mode with a motive structure. The present position is in Wave (iii) of {iii}, signaling further upside movement into wave {iii}. We anticipate acceleration higher into wave (iii) of {iii}. It's important to note that a break below $172 would invalidate this count.
    • Iron Ore Elliott wave Analysis: bullish impulse could resume. Function - Counter-trend Mode - Corrective Structure - Zigzag Position - Black wave 4 of higher degree red wave (5)D Direction - Black wave 5 of higher degree red wave (5) Details - After the bears dragged this commodity to the marked 122.05-117.95 Fib-zone, a significant bounce could lead to a recovery to 150. The function of the present market movement is identified as counter-trend, indicative of a corrective phase within the larger Elliott Wave cycle. This correction on the H4 is structured as a zigzag pattern, denoted as the black wave 4 within the context of the higher degree red wave (5) of an impulse. Our focus shifts toward the anticipated direction of the market, which is poised for the initiation of the black wave 5, constituting a crucial phase within the broader red wave (3) on the daily time frame. A notable aspect of the current market dynamics is the recent downturn that saw the commodity retreat to the Fib-zone ranging from 122.05 to 117.95. This is a zigzag corrective pattern. The implication is that, amidst this bearish onslaught, we expect this zone to provide support for a significant rebound, paving the way for a recovery rally towards the 150 mark. At present, our analysis revolves around the ongoing counting of the black impulse wave pattern, with particular attention directed toward the completion of the 4th wave. This impending wave completion heralds the onset of the highly anticipated wave 5 of (3), representing a prized opportunity within the Elliott Wave framework. Critical to our analysis is the pivotal support level situated at 115.25. The rejection of further decline below this threshold would solidify the outlook for the impending wave 5 of (3), reinforcing the bullish sentiment. If this bearish correction stays above 115.2 and the price breaks above 123.5, renewed bullish interests for wave 5 of (3) could be assumed especially if the bullish response is swift.  In summary, the present market conditions offer a nuanced landscape characterized by corrective movements within the framework of Elliott Wave theory. While the completion of the 4th wave sets the stage for the anticipated wave 5 of (3), traders are advised to monitor key support levels diligently. As such, astute observation coupled with a thorough understanding of Elliott Wave principles will be instrumental in navigating the complexities of the market as it unfolds. Technical Analyst : Sanmi Adeagbo          
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