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How can I get my account activation completed and opened



I have completed all the required steps. Got a call on Friday from IG to verify my details,completed the knowledge test but still cannot deposit or trade and no information on what the problem is. I have mailed and called several times but no responses. A very poor first customer experience. This is my last attempt to resolve otherwise I will move to another broker. 

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On 23/04/2020 at 20:30, Guest Steven said:

I have the same problem here. 

Same problem here as well. Got an email from them saying they will inform and will check but nothing really. Its been 2 weeks already

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Guest Noma

I am in same problem, and IG is not replying to my emails either.  So pathetic service, and IG advertises on website they are number 1 !! It's wrong. 

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