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  1. Pro trader has nothing to do with L2 Dealer. You can be pro trader but still can't use the L2 Dealer because IG has made it almost impossible. Imagine you have a software from 1990s and incompatible windows and other problems. To answer question on spreads, the indices are different from the real index. They have larger spreads so if index in 7200-7201, IG can be 7190-7220 or anything they want at any time. The whole point of CFD is that the market maker can adjust the spread. Often times during volatility, you would see formidable large spreads so you cannot sell because you will take huge loss on spread.
  2. No, IG has "in-house" market, on which they have concentrated all their advertisement and support. So, if you are trading the normal app/web platform, you are a victim of their profiteering. However, they also nominally have a L2 Dealer, which is supposed to be direct market access. I have been trying to trade using their L2 Dealer for over 6 months, but haven't been successful. Why? Because their installation package is out of date and not working, their support team is clueless (directed by management of course), and there is literally zero visibility of that platform or the possibility of using it. Still, it satisfied the requirement for it to be listed as a direct market access platform!! And they lure customers in...
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