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  1. I'm not sure how liquidity would affect the math. IG and every other bank has a closing price, but it seems IG is using the opening price to determine the daily change. This leads to reporting different numbers compared to other banks at the end of the trading day.  It's not just this stock.

  2. 1167720824_ScreenShot2019-07-09at4_48_34pm.thumb.png.2df625eb00749fc3adcbc3acf9e9b7d1.png

    That's a screenshot from my dashboard yesterday after market close. It states the price as 2.5c, which is in agreement with other sources.

    The same today, the IG dashboard fo my account shows LPD +3.85% (or 0.1c up) with a closing price of, wait: 2.5c ! Hmmm, that's the same as yesterday's closing price.

  3. I mentioned it a few years ago and got the response that IG is doing it the correct way.

    However, today is a fine example when the daily change in the dashboard is completely wrong, because it is based on the closing price vs opening price, rather than yesterdays closing price:

    LPD went down 7.4% today and every other source agrees with that yet the IG dashboard says 0% change? How come?

  4. Hello James!


    I've just tried it on Chrome (again) and charts are not working. That's most likely because I'm on MacOS which doesn't support for Flash for many reasons.


    When are you going to provide charts in HTML5?


    BY the way, the market data page doesn't work properly, either. There is no scaling available.





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