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  1. Hi, I have Googled and searched the forums however unable to find an answer for this. Am I able to set a Daily Loss Limit for myself? So once the limit is hit, I am blocked from placing any more trades until the following day. This seems like a basic request that a lot of brokers offer. thanks Gareth
  2. Hi everyone, Sorry if this has been asked before. I have searched the forum and unable to find an answer. Does IG have an option where you are able to self exclude from the platform for a set length of time? So for instance, after a bad trade you could click a button and self exclude for say 12 or 24 hours. I know this may seem a strange question, however this is quite a standard option with gambling and betting sites. I know that IG is not a gambling or betting site however the option would be really helpful to stop impulsive revenge trading. Any suggestion would be appreciated. Thanks Gareth
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