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  1. HI, Me asking again as the SLA was not met for the 5th time to pay the Cash in respect of the VMWare fractional shares. Can you really confirm when this will be paid?
  2. Thanks @AndaIG I mentioned I received the 2-3 working days SLA 3 times for the last 16 days.... now with the response you supplied from Corporate Actions.... I have received the 4th answer... If I just could trade the next answer, this would be a perfect signal that I will receive exactly the same answer for the 5th time..
  3. Hi @ArvinIG, I am still waiting for the fractional share dividend payment. I have received the 3 days timeline on the 3rd, 6th and 9th of November.
  4. Can someone explain the timing when IG will apply the compensation regarding the DELL spin-off? IG portfolio shows a lost in DELL of 50%... and I have not received any dividends or shares in VMware.
  5. What happens if I put a Sell Limit Order with a price order level lower than the current market price. Would it get filled inmediatly? And at what price: Market price or the order level?
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