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  1. Hi Anda, perfect thanks. As an example: I go long on one GER40 contract at $1 a point, the margin requirement is say $750. Then the market drops by 750 points. I have another $750 as available balance in my account. I am now on margin call, correct? The required margin has hit 100% of my available balance. If the market continues to drop the position will close when it drops by another 375 points from the 750 it already dropped? Thanks for your time!
  2. Hi, new to IG. Question about trading Index CFDs long: if the index keeps dropping, but I want to stay in. After the unrealised loss (showing in my trade overview) hits the margin will it deduct automatically from my available balance? Until it hits 0? Is there a way to see how low in terms of points my available balance will “last”? The trade will only be force closed when my available balance hits zero, not when the margin is touched, correct? Thanks.
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