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  1. I thought it weird too, the other broker I trade with haver similar specs in demo and live too. This is definitely a first for me.
  2. If anyone else encounters any issues trying to sync demo and live below is the response from IG for your ref:
  3. I will do that. Your help and that of @Kodiak's has been greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Hi @Kodiak, I think this is the issue. On my demo the contract size for SP500 is 250 and in my live the contract size is 1. Do you know what determines the specification on an account? I'm a retail trader so not sure if that matters. Thanks.
  5. Hi @Caseynotes, Thanks very much for your help on this. That's interesting and what I would have expected as well. My MT4 version is 4.00 build 1340 -23 Jul 2021 not sure if my version is coded differently. I have checked the trades history in terminal and under Experts to see what volumes were actually entered and both seem to match. Re-install the app and see if makes any changes. Your help is very appreciated.
  6. An update; I setup a buy stop on the demo and live accounts to see if there would be any difference. Both are set for SPX at 4492.2 lot size 0.10 take profit set at 4500, (780 pips as pert MT4). In a demo account with £10,000 the tp is £142.09 Live account with £1,000 tp is showing at £0.78 Does this mean the account balance is taken into consideration or have charges been applied even before the trade is activated?
  7. Thanks @Caseynotes, I will test this and post the details once I can enter trades in my live MT4 account. It doesn't seem to be updating the balance at the moment so will give it a while and try again. Thanks everyone for the help.
  8. Hi @AndalG, Thank you for your response. I totally agree with your point that: Which is what surprised me, same lot size, same price movement is showing me very different amounts in demo and live on running trades (a difference of at least £3000 is quite big). I would have expected the stop level (whilst trade is on) to display the same amount regardless of account size with the same lot size (as long as the account is big enough to handle the required margin) then the actual take home would differ based on charges. Or does the take profit/stop loss depend on both account size and lot size? I'm not getting that from the info, may be I've missed it. Thanks
  9. Hi, I have been trading in demo for a while then decided to start live trading, what I've noticed is that for the same lot size, 2 in this instance, I get very different profit/loss amounts for the same point movement. E.g say for 1000points the take profit is £3,500 in demo and it is £20 in live. Is this right or am I missing something? I am aware there might be differences in charges but there is no commission/swap charges at this point. Thanks in advance for your help.
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