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  1. Thanks for the response Anda. A couple of follow ups: 1. Is there a minimum or maximum number of trades that qualify for the discount next month? Or would I get a discount in Sep regardless of whether I place 1 trade or 100 trades? 2. If I understand this correctly- would I be entitled to a discount every month if I place at least 3 trades every month continuously going forward now? And therefore never pay the standard fee unless I make less than 3 trades in a month?
  2. Hi. On the IG website I see that charges for share dealing are nil if you make 3+ trades for US shares and £3 for UK shares in the previous month. I am not sure if "US shares" mean shares listed on a USA stock exchange like NASDAQ or shares listed anywhere in the world but denominated in USD? I bought units of iShares ETFs last week which are listed on the London Stock Exchange, with one ETF denominated in USD and the other one in GBP. I made two transactions in USD and one in GBP and was charged a dealing fee for all three transactions. So wanted to check what does "USA shares" mean in the link below, i.e. USD denominated shares or shares listed in the USA? Any help would be much appreciated. Link: https://www.ig.com/uk/investments/share-dealing/costs-fees
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