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  1. I opened a new account, they took their own sweet time to activate the account as they reviewed all the documents. Account went up and running I took 2-3 positions when I was taking one more trade I also got the same msg, on the first day of my account. The reason they gave me is that my account is being reviewed and they want my utility bill. (Don't know what they were doing when they reviewed my documents of 15 days) Stopping some one out in the middle, on the first day when the account is opened, without prior knowledge of the reason is murderous, it can go very wrong for someone. So I have sent the documents which they requested, I want to know, how long does it took for you guys to get the account up and running?
  2. @Caseynotesthanks for the reply. How do I know if I am trading at DMA platform or any other.
  3. Hi Guys, I have a doubt, when trading equities/options/futures, if a trader places a buy or sell order to a broker, it goes to an exchange and if someone is ready to buy or sell at the that price order gets matched and the order is filled. What happens when we are trading only CFD, are we trading against the broker, our order is filled by the broker (IG), meaning if I am buying some equity CFD so IG is selling that CFD? If that is the case, can the price be manipulated to kick out the trader ?
  4. Hi, I am new to IG trading platform, my trading location is UAE. I have 2 queries: 1. As mentioned on IG website that there are few equities on which we can trade, but i cannot see any equity option only idex, Fx and commodities. 2. When selling one lot of (let say) US 500 (SPX) option 1 contract takes a margin of USD 8K. Assuming my account has a Fund of USD 9K and due to current P&L, my available fund goes in negative, will IG close my position automatically? or when it will be closed by IG ?
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