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  1. Two years later the 131 problem still persists. Maybe it's time to change a broker ☹️
  2. Still no reply from Helpdesk. It looks like IG does not allow automated trading from MT4.
  3. Thank you, I will, but don't know why account details are relevant if it fails in MT4 Strategy Tester that has absolutely independent settings, in particular allows to set a spread, balance, etc. that have nothing to do with real market and account type. I'm aware about 2-step order brokers and tried both approaches. ============= if (type== OP_SELL ) { P= Bid; //TP= OP- PipToPrc(OC); if (TakeProfit> 0) { TP = P- PipToPrc(TakeProfit); } else TP= 0; P= NormFXPrice(P); TP= NormFXPrice(TP); SL= NormFXPrice(SL); if (TwoStepOrder) { T= OrderSend( Symbol(), OP_SELL, LotSize, P, 3, 0, 0);//, OrdComm, MagicNumber, 0, SellColor); Sleep(DELAY); if (T< 1) { PrintOrderError(T, "2-step OrderSend error ", GetLastError(), P, Bid, 0, 0); } else { if ( !OrderModify(T, OrderOpenPrice(), SL, TP, SellColor) ) PrintOrderError(T, "OrderModify error ", GetLastError(), P, Bid, SL, TP); } } else { T= OrderSend( Symbol(), OP_SELL, LotSize, P, 3, SL, TP); if (T< 1) Print("OrderSend SELL error: "+ ErrorDescription(GetLastError())+ ", P="+ PrcToStr(P)+ ", Bid="+ PrcToStr(Bid)+ ", SL="+ PrcToStr(SL)+ ", "+"TP="+ PrcToStr(TP)+ ", Lot="+ LotSize); } }
  4. I have a similar error while running EA in MT4 Tester. Here is my post on IG forum Must say, that same EA works correctly with other MT4 brokers, so there is definitely something wrong with IG server configuration.
  5. My MT4 trading system that works normally with other MT4 brokers always fails in IG Forex Metatrader 4 tester with "invalid trade volume" error. OrderSend SELL error: invalid trade volume, P=1.1282, Bid=1.1282, SL=1.1302, TP=0.0000, Lot=0.1 I have tried to set a lot size to 0.1, 1, 10 - no difference, the same error occurs. Also, I've found that IG MT4 server does not return valid values for the lots info: The following MQL4 code: Print("MODE_MINLOT= ", MarketInfo(Symbol(), MODE_MINLOT)); Print("MODE_LOTSTEP= ", MarketInfo(Symbol(), MODE_LOTSTEP)); Print("MODE_MAXLOT= ", MarketInfo(Symbol(), MODE_MAXLOT)); returns zeroes for all three values
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