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  1. Hi Andal, Could you please confirm how the Closing Mid price is take? Is it just the close? Thanks in advance
  2. Hi Andal, Thanks so much for the explanation! This clears up the discrepancies and apologies I must've missed that cross check when refreshing the screen Best regards
  3. Hey guys, Please help me understand the way which the change and % change are calculated? I understand the candle sticks are based on the time period i.e. daily however the changes do not seem to make sense to me at the moment. I have attempted to derive the use % change from close to close between days, however the numbers do not match up. I.e. Codan trading on the ASX at close today (24/1/22) had a change of -$0.005 or -0.06%, however the candle stick shows open $8.24 and close $8.39 detailing a change 1.82% during the day, now the trading day prior (21/1/22) close was $8.38 detailing a total change of 0.12% with todays close... this is where I get lost as none of the fluctuations make sense unless I am missing a trick here... ***In addition while organising this post I noticed that the Codan data changed? The open price was wildly different between my 2x screen shots Any help understanding this would be greatly appreciated Regards
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