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  1. Let's imagine a real life scenario. I am trading France 40 cash from 8:30 am to 16:30pm and in that time i took 4 trades. In the evening when i stop trading i want to check all my trades during the day and upload them on my trading statistics. When i explored this trading platform i could not find a detailed trading history which includes SL size/ TP size/ RRR/ trade opening/closing. In "History" section i found some useful information about the trades that i took during the day but did not found detailed enough. Is there any way to know detailed information about the trades during the day? Also i wanted to ask if there is possibility to see trade history on chart? ( for example opening and closing arrows etc.) Thank you!
  2. @MongiIG Thank you for your response! Thank you for all the learning material and I will look at it. I did not mention earlier but i have taken on of best courses related to trading and almost everything was mentioned there. I am mostly a day trader, sometimes do some swing trades if i see a good opportunity. If we are talking about trading forex then my strategy is not as precise as in other markets so only logical reason is to search for good low entry barrier market. Little bit after making this topic i scouted what ig offers: https://www.ig.com/ie/markets/indices/indices-cfd-costs-and-details Found some interesting European market futures - Almost all MINI contracts which are around 1-2euro are tradable. If i understand correctly than 'value of one contract' means how one point movement is valued right?
  3. Hello, For last 3 months i have demo traded and did pretty well (Also before demo trading i had mentor which i learned from) When i was demo trading i usually traded DJ30, DAX, DE40 and MOEX. Now i have decided to start money trading and chose ig as my brokerage. I am planing to start trading with around 1000 euros( for the first deposit) if i do well i will add more money. So my question is - WHICH MARKET SHOULD I START WITH? All above mentioned markets require much bigger deposit. For this market i would like risk around 1% of deposit per trade( 10 euros) and maximum stop size should be around 0.02% of the market value. Any suggestions for markets or other tips how to start trading more successfully? Thank you!
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