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  1. Hello Is there any support here please on this forum? Best Reguards ZeroCafeine
  2. Hi everyone I hope that someone will be able to answer me and give me a clear answer, I called for example the technical service of IG and I recorded the call in French and the explanation is a bit far-fetched, the interlocutor was not able to give a precise example with figures, he was contradicting himself Best regards
  3. hello every one, on EUR/USD in demo account, I open a position with a limit order and close the position with a limit order a few minutes later at the same entry and exit price, why don't I pay a spread in the demo account? Example I bought at the price of 0,85960£ and I resold at the same price, that makes me 0£ until there all is normal, but why I did not pay of spread? Best Reguards ZeroCafeine
  4. hi Arvin, tks for your answer, how to send report pls, an I think it's a limited problem from IG but I will try to send a report, the last one I sent I never get answers, I hope this time it's will different Best Reguards
  5. Hi all, I have PRT Premium by IG and it's amazing, but now when I'm loking to make some screener I can see the option on screener is limitted (photo 01) and on a free PRT version with an other account I can see they have more option (photo 02), so that is normal or I do somethink wrong ? Best Reguards
  6. so all this US Tech 100 is CFD or Futur pls ?
  7. tks you AndaIG to your quick answre thank you AndalG for your quick response, could you tell me then why we see next to it that it is future pls ?
  8. Hello everyone I hope you are well I have a question maybe stupid but how to find for example a Nasdaq's CFD and not a futur from My IG or PRT? Best Reguards
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