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  1. Ok! What is the default leverage for retail customers in CFD forex accounts?
  2. How to change leverage for my live FX (CFD) account?
  3. Ok, thank you! So no micro lots in any of trading platforms? And so - how would introduction programme affect me - as I understand it gives me 31 day period of diminished trading - 25% size of normal trading sizes. Would it give me an option to trade 25% of mini lot (2 500)?
  4. Is it true that for retail client the minimum trade size for EUR/USD pair is 0.1 (10 000) or mini lot if web trading platform is used and 0.01 (1 000) or micro lot if MT4 platform is used?
  5. Sorry, my mistake - I wrote to another email (newaccounts.au@ig.com). Now, just resent the message to the address you provided.
  6. Thank you for your quick response! I have written to the email you provided 2 days ago, but did not receive any answer. Is that normal? Should I just wait those two weeks?
  7. Hi! I applied for a live account on Monday (submitted all info and necessary docs) - now it's Friday and still no message from IG. How could I know everything is going forward with my account activation? How long should it take?
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