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  1. Hi, I am having some trouble with understanding the Margin for my CFD account. If I long and short the same currency for same amount (lock the P&L), the used margin should be less than if I long the same amount only. This is true for my demo account but not for my Live account (the used margin is doubled if lock the P&L) Why is that?
  2. @AndaIG The problem still not solved after contact the IT team.. They suggest to use the 'show all' as you suggested and if not solved, go to the forum..
  3. @AndaIG Thanks I will reach out to the IT team then.
  4. @AndaIG Hi Anda, I have tried to show all the symbols but all of them are in Black as shown in my screenshot. Also, I have opened another CFD account in MT4 and all the colours look fine somehow. Thanks, Xuewei
  5. There is something wrong with my MT4 Live account market watch window (I have attached two screenshots, 1st one is live account, 2nd is demo account) It is all in black and has no order information. also has a strange question market after every pairs. Any suggestions?
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