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  1. Hi Anda, Well noted. Thank you for your assistance. Regards, Wilfred
  2. Hi Arvin, thanks for your reply. Actually, you got me wrong. What I meant was, I wanted to go long at 33000 but not only until price hits 33100. So if now price is 33050 I can just queue at 33000 but it doesn’t fulfill my criteria to go long yet. So I’m asking is there a way to set the system to only place my queue to buy at 33000 when the price hits 33100 or above. Thank you.
  3. Let’s say US30 is at 33000 now. I would like to enter a long trade 33000 but not now only when 33100 is hit. So how to set an order that when price hits 33100 it will place my buy order at 33000? Hope someone can advice. Thank you.
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