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  1. Thanks Arvin - however I have done that and everything is checked, but still not working. I thought it was my speakers but no - i have tried on several other laptops and it still doesn't work - only on demo account. It was working fine last week. As i do my trading around other things i rely on hearing the bleeps to check out what is happening and it is frustrating it's stopped working. Thanks for your reply though 🙂
  2. Hi all - i always have the notifications on so that i can hear a bleep with an order opens or closes - it also pops up in a little box in the top right hand side of the screen. Today however the notifications had stopped dispite me not changing any settings - after much time spent going through the settings to check everything we managed to get the notifications to work on the Demo account but still not on my live account. I did an online chat with IG and was told everything was working fine their end. Can anyone throw any light on what might have happened - everything is switched on to confirm notifications should be appearing. I have tried logging in on 4 different computers and i'm getting the same on all of them. Very frustrating as i rely on the bleep to alert me when a trade has triggered or closed. Appreciate any input regards AJ
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