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  1. so you mean I can't trade India 50 CFD as well ?
  2. Ok thanks. I hear ya, I have one more question. I have Download MT4 and open MT4 CFD account. How Ever, I am finding difficulties in Adding US 500 CFD and India 50 CFD. can u help me how can I add those in the market watch and what symbol I should insert there ? Thanks
  3. I understood. Thanks. One more question, How can I change time zone in My IG's mobile app and Desktop site ? Thanks.
  4. Hi Arrvin, Thanks for Guidence ! I understood, my base currency is USD, then why my p&l is not showing in $ only. why this coversion create misunderstanding ? is there any way to make it show in USD only ? -Harish
  5. Hi, Can anyone let me know the charges of trading CFD ? US500 is charges included in spread 0.4 for US500, or is there anyother charges apart from 0.4 spread ? if yes then pls let me know. Thanks
  6. Hi Guys, Newbie here, I open IG Demo account for CFD and I made 3 demo trades. can anyone help me to understand the P&L ? Its showing 2 trades have loss of 16.3 & 16.8 and one has profit of 0.2 - so total loss should be -32.90. but why its showing -45.03 at the bottom in total ? Help me to understand this. Thanks
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