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  1. I previously bought warehouse reit with halifax. I took a second position with it. Everywhere, including halifax the ticker is WHR but with IG it's WHRW, what does the extra letter mean? Is it the same stock? I'm now looking at aberforth split level income. The dividend psying share ticker ASIT is ASITA on IG. Thanks for any clarity.
  2. Uh God, it's OK. I worked it out. Turns out I'm a genius afterall. I knew it deep down.
  3. Didn't there used to be a market option, to just buy now at the going price. Now I only see the limit option, meaning I either overpay to it doesn't execute. I hope there is a way for me to find this post again if anyone replies. This entire site is incomprehensible. How to see a list of topics? How to see a list of my investments? How to just buy an investment, ticker, price, done. Blah, on the lookout for a better service.
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